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About Canines-N-Kids Foundation

Canines-N-Kids Foundation’s mission is to put an end to the cancers kids and man’s best friend BOTH develop- devastating cancers like bone cancer (osteosarcoma), brain cancers, lymphoma and leukemia- by leveraging the emerging science of comparative oncology and an integrated approach to cancer drug development. We are working with top pediatric and veterinary oncologists, genomics experts and others around the country to bring a new, integrated approach to tackling shared cancers. The Canines-N-Kids Foundation was created to:

  • Raise awareness of the cancers that kids and canines share in common and the promise of transformative comparative approaches to help them both
  • Close the funding gap that has stood in the way of making meaningful progress towards curing these cancers – by bringing new audiences into the fight against shared childhood & canine cancers
  • Bring together the best and brightest minds from veterinary to pediatric medicine, translational research and genomics and help them to work collaboratively and constructively to help find a cure – for both kids & canines. Working across species, disciplines and institutions, our goal is to facilitate collaboration and break down barriers to progress.