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Translational Potential Of Comparative Approaches To Accelerate Drug Development In Shared Childhood & Canine Cancers

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Our Mission

To bring together the world’s leaders in pediatric and veterinary cancer research, representatives from pharma and biotech, regulatory experts, human cancer and animal health foundations, and childhood and canine cancer patients to explore the state-of-the-art in science, to forge new collaborations and accelerate progress in cancers shared by children and man’s best friend. Building on the success of the first- of- its kind Paws for a Cure Research Symposium (November 2018), we welcome you to Paws for a Cure  2020!


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Dr. Peter C. Adamson

Past Chair, Children's Oncology Group


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Paws for a Cure  2020


Advancing research in pediatric cancer treatments has unique challenges, and progress toward better medicines and a cure has been limited. Intriguingly, BOTH children and our canine companions spontaneously develop a number of cancers with remarkable similarities, including osteosarcoma, certain brain/CNS cancers, lymphoma and leukemia. Speakers, panelists and participants will discuss challenges and progress in accelerating cancer drug development using comparative approaches, including:

  • The state of the art in comparative and novel translational cancer research.

  • Ongoing preclinical, translational and clinical projects leveraging the canine patient model.

  • The most promising prospects for future scientific exploration, collaboration and funding.

  • Life journey presentations by childhood cancer survivors and advocates.

In addition to cutting edge scientific content, the Symposium agenda will include a Young Investigator Scientific Poster Competition/Session, poignant presentations from patient advocates and feature prominent keynote speakers. Ample opportunities to encourage networking and collaboration are also incorporated.


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We are proud to partner for our 2020 Virtual Symposium with Labroots. LabRoots is the leading scientific social networking website offering top scientific trending news and premier educational virtual events and webinars. Founded in 2008, LabRoots has an audience of more than 4-million users worldwide and emphasizes digital innovation in scientific collaboration and learning.  This year's symposium experience will feature a virtual auditorium with interactive, multi-disciplinary seminars and discussions of cutting edge scientific content, break-out sessions, a virtual lounge for networking with speakers and presenters, and more. 


This event would not be possible without the backing of our wonderful partners! Thank you for your support of the 2020 Paws for a Cure Symposium. 



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September 29-30, 2020 / 1:00 PM - 5:00PM

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